First week: 2nd and 3rd Youtube film..Inbox and Thursday @edcmooc

The little bird definitely has agency in this, roaming freely about and cheekily getting into places its not meant to be. 
It is living out its little life according to its natural instincts and its understanding of the world, 
not realising that it is in great danger every time it traverses the man made world of antenna and trucks and building 
shafts filled with technology.
It stays alive against all odds and is quite happy in fact as it curiously explores the town in search of food. 
Much to the consternation of office workers the little bird manages to shut down the whole  electric circuit of an office building by pulling out a bit of wire from the network circuitry. This puts the whole building`s personnel into a frenzy as a spanner has been thrown into their in the works..thrown into very expensive works in fact, that will no doubt, cause undue stress and unforeseen man hours.
We also see office workers with nothing to do, meaninglessly spinning abput in their office chairs, bored and  vacant for ideas, whilst the little bird outside is busily and very purposefully  building a nest for its babies out of the bits of wire it had pulled from the inner computer network circuitry. A contrast of purpose, meaning, agency, boldness is seen on the one side – all of these characteristics displayed by the little bird, whilst boredom, meaninglessness (with the loss of the technology), lack of agency and complacent passivity is observable among humans.
It seems that the humans have lost contact to their inner raison detre..their sense of purpose and identity are now 
firmly anchored in digital technological routines for work, entertainment, communication, discovery and ultimately direction.
We can learn a lot from this.
 The little bird reminds me of  the Artful Dodger from Oliver, whose little cheeky demeanour, just like the Artful Dodger,  is at once endearing, life reinforcing, pulling you in to memories of childhood affirmations of self. One cannot come closer to reality and self realisation -worlds apart from a  generation of humans who have forgotten the magic of exploration and play in the real world.
Communication that is facilitated by technology only functions as well as its affordances allow.
 When that communication is no longer afforded successfully as here when the technology breaks down completely, 
other ways of communication are sought–here the characters fall back on searching in the real world for one another. 
The lesson learnt is that one can become entirely dependent on technology or on a single technology. 
We are also reminded of our natural selves and our more natural real life habitats. 
This reminder is something of a shock – an almost unnatural method taken into use in a naturally technology 
dominated world.That fact cannot be good – that we should be reminded, 
no forced to dealing with one another in natural settings, using natural ways of communication.
 It is a reminder to us of the necessity for face to face interaction even though we may use technology to 
communicate a whole lot of the time. I think a technology immersed world with no natural interactions is 
indeed a dystopia-  one that robs us of our sense of innate humanity, which is essentially a very hard thing to put one’e finger on, but I think it is safe to assume that that humanity contains elements of autonomy, dignity, identity of self, affirmations of self and others especially in natural environments and indeed a sense of meaning and purpose. Technology can take away our sense of autonomy if we are ruled by it, it can rob us of our identities if we become part of a groupthink society where
political correctness is socially engineered ( we cannot deny the possibility of this happening)  into advertising,  media, pop music. It can also even rob us of our innate sense of meaning and purpose by replacing it with some sort of finite, living for the moment reaction to circumstance, that is devoid of any
greater meta reflection in the scheme of things– this is easily done if our minds are incessantly bombarded by and preoccupied with flippant media produced audio and video bytes.
That said, I believe technology can be used for good and only of course if it is perceived to be a tool under man’s will and not something that takes over – becoming all preoccupying on its terms. 



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